Teen Gives Tour of Abandoned Elementary School Turned Home in Video

Teen Gives Tour of Abandoned Elementary School Turned Home in Video

Viewers were shocked after a teenager posted a video tour around his house–a renovated elementary school–equipped with a customized kitchen and lavish bathrooms that was purchased for only $15,000.

Riley Hansen, or @riley.lh, is a sixteen-year-old who shares videos of various cars and his unique home to his nearly 2 million followers.

In one video from March 10, Hansen toured viewers around the inside of the school-turned house. The video received nearly 39 million views and 50,000 comments, many from shocked viewers questioning how he spent less on an entire school than a family home.

“It’s been brought to my attention of how many people don’t believe that this school is actually my house,” Hansen said in one video. “While I promise you that I actually live in this school.”

In the clip, Hansen opened the front door into the school lobby. Inside was a bulletin board covered in family photos as well as other family photos hanging on the cinder block walls.

“Then if we travel down the hall we can come over to the bathroom and well, I don’t know any school bathroom that looks like this,” Hansen said.

Inside, Hansen showed a fully renovated bathroom with modern fixtures, orange countertops, and tons of toiletries hidden in the gray cabinets.

Hansen then exited the bathroom and showed that his bedroom is across the hall, in what would have originally been a classroom. He also showed that they set up a large couch and television in one of the common areas.

“You know it’s not very common to see homes made out of solid brick,” he said as he showed more footage of the space, clad with Halo and Minecraft posters and a gaming chair.

The video then went to a clip of the school gymnasium, which had been turned into a common space with desks for homework, a basketball hoop, and various activities such as foosball and cornhole.

Straight off the gymnasium, or what Hansen called the auditorium, he showed off a large kitchen. The kitchen included a normal size family fridge, renovated cabinetry, and lots of countertop space for guests to sit.

He’s explained in other videos that while living in the school has its upsides, it also has some interesting downsides.

Hansen said that since each person has their own little spot in the school, they rarely see each other around the house. He also claimed he forgets which room is where since there are so many doors.

In another video, Hansen explained that his family bought the abandoned elementary school for just $15,000–compared to the average family home costing just under $400,000.

“Normally schools are upwards in the millions of dollars to buy, but that’s because people are looking in the wrong markets at the wrong schools,” Hansen explained. “I live in the middle of nowhere so this school had zero purpose.”

He also said the abandoned building was costing the county a lot of money in order to maintain the property.

“While they don’t need some random building that’s doing nothing for them in the middle of nowhere, so they practically gave the school away for nothing,” Hansen said.

He also explained that this is not his family’s first time purchasing a school and that they know where to look and what to look for when searching for new options.

Thousands of users poured into the comments section of both viral videos, many asking for a full tour of the school and some mentioned the hallways seemed a little “scary.”

“Are you not terrified at night,” one commenter asked.

“Welcome to 2022, it costs less to buy a whole school than a 2 bedroom house,” another user wrote.

One commenter said that they recently went under contract for an old school last week and are planning on turning it into a group home for teen moms and their babies.

Newsweek reached out to Riley Hansen but did not receive comment in time for publication.

Other individuals have gone viral after sharing their uncommon living spaces, including one man who transformed an old school bus into a stunning home.

One viral TikTok showed a woman’s home dubbed “the town under one roof,” a 196 unit condominium in Whittier, Alaska.

“In this building there’s a post office, a church, a store and a building office. In the basement of this building we have a tunnel which runs from this building to the school across the street. There’s currently 318 people who live here year-round,” the woman said.

Another unique residence sparked fury online after footage of New York City’s narrowest apartment, measuring just under nine feet wide.

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