Dennis Prager announces next book ‘Deuteronomy’ with reason-based approach to the Bible

Dennis Prager announces next book ‘Deuteronomy’ with reason-based approach to the Bible

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Renowned conservative radio host Dennis Prager has announced the next book in the nationally bestselling “Rational Bible” series, titled “Deuteronomy: God, Blessings, and Curses.”

Considered the fruit of Prager’s forty years teaching people of various faiths—or no faith at all, the book from Regnery Faith publishing examines the relevancy of the fifth book of the Bible to the contemporary world, as well as the lives of each individual. 

Prager, the founder of PragerU, asks readers to consider numerous questions about Deuteronomy and the Bible at large, such as: Why is the Bible the most influential piece of literature in the history of the world? Why do people dismiss it as irrational? What does the book say about God, his blessings and his curse?

The book also addresses some of the most difficult subjects posed by the book of Deuteronomy, including divorce, transgenderism, the role of women, and God commanding the Israelites to commit genocide. 

The latest installment in his expansive body of work, like his previous publications, approaches everything based on reason, rather than faith alone. His goal? To change your mind, and as a result, change the lives of readers. 

“If something I write is not rational, I have not done my job,” Prager said of his analysis. 

The author has also published two other books in the series, Genesis and Exodus, which both sport over 4.5/5 scores based on hundreds of reviews on Goodreads. 

As he explained in an interview with Fox News, Prager feels his job is to “make the Bible known to as many people around the world as possible, so that they have access to the finest guide to life ever written.”

The Rational Bible: Deuteronomy by Dennis Prager is available October 11, 2022.

The five-volume The Rational Bible commentary on the Torah, a previous series by Prager, is widely considered one of the most important Bible commentaries ever written. On the day of its release, it had the rare achievement for religious literature of debuting at #1 in bestselling nonfiction books in America on the day of its publication. 

Prager developed the book series while teaching the Torah about 25 years ago at a Jewish university and noticed half his students were non-Jews. He realized “either the Torah has something to say to everyone or it has nothing to say to Jews.”

He is no stranger to controversy, and before writing his Bible series, was widely criticized for expressing his viewpoints on nearly every major topic facing the world today. 

His latest novel is likely to tackle a number of subjects that some may believe challenge modern ethics, but perhaps also find illuminating or thought-provoking. 

“Things that at first appear irrelevant, primitive, or even immoral turn out to be important and often great moral leaps forward,” Prager said of his series. 

Fox News’ Steve Kurtz contributed to this report. 

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