Bystanders, Cops Lift Car To Rescue Biker Trapped Underneath At Intersection [Watch]

Bystanders, Cops Lift Car To Rescue Biker Trapped Underneath At Intersection [Watch]

Spine-chilling traffic camera footage from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, showed a car driving on top of a biker as the latter slowed down at a traffic intersection, trapping him under the vehicle.

Patrolling authorities and bystanders at the intersection of Eighth Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard jumped to the biker’s rescue and managed to pull him out from under the vehicle, WWNY-TV reported.

A video of the incident from Saturday afternoon was shared on Facebook by the Myrtle Beach Police Department on Wednesday.

It shows the biker, riding with a pillion, slowing down at the intersection while the car behind him continues moving forward, climbing on top of his two-wheeler. The pillion rider falls forward and onto the road, while the driver gets trapped underneath the front wheels of the car.

Seconds after the incident, bystanders and cops present at the scene rushed to rescue the man trapped underneath the car. They are seen working together as a team to lift the car from the side and free the trapped biker.

The rider and the passenger were treated at a hospital and are expected to make a full recovery, 9 News Denver reported.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department thanked the officers and the bystanders for their prompt action. “THANK YOU to the officers and on-lookers who swiftly responded to a motorcyclist trapped under a vehicle from a collision on Ocean Boulevard on Saturday afternoon,” the department wrote on Facebook.

“As the summer season is picking up, please remember to slow down and look twice to keep everyone safe! It only takes a moment to cause a crash,” the police department wrote.

Cops also advised drivers to maintain extra space between each other while on the road.

In June 2021, two police officers and bystanders rescued an 8-month-old baby and her mother from under a car that plowed into a building in New York. The video showed the car first hitting another parked car before veering toward the mother and the child as they were crossing the road. The motorist then hit the storefront of a barbecue shop. Deputies who were at the bagel shop next door rushed to the scene where other people were trying to help the mother and the baby. The officers, with the help of the bystanders, lifted the vehicle and pulled the victims out. 

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