Conservatives roast comedy writer for saying nobody mourns ‘miscarriages’: ‘Delete your account’

Conservatives roast comedy writer for saying nobody mourns ‘miscarriages’: ‘Delete your account’

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To justify abortion, blue-check comedy writer Alex Falcone tried to accuse the right of lying about how much they care about fetuses. His evidence was a claim no one has “funerals” for miscarriages, nor talks about being “reunited with their fetus in heaven.”

Falcone was promptly rebuked by pro-lifers on Twitter after posting.

Alex Falcone decided to air out his theory on Wednesday evening. “This is a change of tone for me on here but I don’t think anybody actually believes fetuses are people,” he tweeted, and then accused the people that do of “lying.”

“I think they’re lying. There are almost 1,000,000 miscarriages each year in America, it happens to almost everybody. But we’re not constantly getting invited to the funerals,” he surmised.

He later wrote, “Nobody who says ‘abortion is murder’ is out carrying signs that ‘and miscarriages are suicide.’”

He then brought God into it, writing, “Nobody who says a fetus is a life that [G]od wanted to bring into the world talks about how a million times a year he just, uh, changes his mind.”

He followed that up with the point that “Nobody’s passing laws to reduce miscarriages, they’re not holding rallies, and Justice Alito gave ZERO DOLLARS of his $4 million net worth toward research on aneuploidy, which causes 60% of them.”

He then made another sweeping assumption about people who have had miscarriages in the past. “We rarely talk about miscarriages even though they happen to basically everybody you know. They’re devastating, but not because of souls. Nobody talks about how they can’t wait to be reunited with their fetus in heaven because they don’t actually believe that.”

“This is disgustingly insensitive,” tweeted Ron DeSantis spokesperson Christina Pushaw.

GOP flack Matt Whitlock blasted Falcone, tweeting, “This is such a mind-numbingly stupid take. I hope someone in your life who has experienced a miscarriage (or has a soul) checks in and tell you to delete your account.”

LiveAction founder Lila Rose chimed in, “This is some next level pro-choice mansplaining. Downplay the pain of miscarriage to defend killing babies.”

Author Helen Raleigh wrote, “Don’t you ever equivalent [sic] abortions to miscarriages. Women including myself who experienced miscarriages want our children. We’ve never done anything to cause miscarriages to happen. We miss our children every day. The faith that I’ll see my children again is what keeps me going.”

“At the Mass for the first child we loss through miscarriage, several strangers came over to the side chapel, happy just to join in a Mass,” Catholic author Leah Libresco Sargeant tweeted. She added, “I was grateful that Robin was the cause of them receiving the Eucharist that day. One small way for a very small baby to leave a mark.”

Conservative podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey tweeted, “What an absolutely idiotic, heartless take. Miscarriages are deeply mourned, even those that happen at 5 weeks. Those babies very often ARE given ceremonies and funerals. You are an awful human.”

Former Daily Wire contributor Eilsha Krauss tweeted, “Every woman I’ve met who has miscarried (1 in 4 btw) mourns the day their baby would have been born, names them, and many had services for them. It’s a major mental and emotional struggle you’re clearly unaware of.”

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