Seth Meyers Calls BS on Giuliani Denying He Was ‘Wasted’ on Election Night

Seth Meyers Calls BS on Giuliani Denying He Was ‘Wasted’ on Election Night

It’s now been two days since the last public hearing from the Jan. 6 Committee, but the political world is still reeling from the latest revelations, including sworn testimony from multiple Trump aides that Rudy Giuliani was, in Seth Meyers’ words, “wasted on Election Night.”

Tweeting that he was “disgusted and outraged” at the “out right [sic] lie” about his behavior, Giuliani claimed, “I REFUSED all alcohol that evening. My favorite drink..Diet Pepsi.”

“Sorry, buddy, you just gave yourself away,” Meyers said in response. “No one’s favorite drink is Diet Pepsi. Is your favorite cookie Lorna Doones? Diet Pepsi is what you drink on a flight when they don’t have Diet Coke…or lemonade or chocolate milk or coconut water or camel spit or regular Pepsi.”

The Late Night host even suggested that Giuliani has an “unpopular favorite drink on purpose” so that when he orders it at a bar and they tell him they don’t have any he can say, “In that case, I’ll have 16 ounces of Scotch in a watering can.”

Meyers also cast doubt on the idea that people were offering Giuliani alcohol on Election Night and he “refused,” joking that the only explanation is that they were trying to “overserve him so he passes out” on the White House lawn.

In his testimony, former Trump aide Jason Miller said that Giuliani was “definitely” drunk but couldn’t determine the “level of intoxication.” But as Meyers said, “For a guy Giuliani’s age, there’s very little room between stone-cold sober and sloshed out of his fucking mind.”

Finally, after playing a clip from Giuliani’s podcast in which he called the committee an “embarrassment,” Meyers shot back, “Do you really want to call anyone else an embarrassment?”

“Is that really the word you want to use?” he asked. “There was an entire nationally televised congressional hearing this week about you being a sloppy drunk. You used to be on magazine covers as ‘America’s Mayor’ and now you’re most famous for screaming outside a landscaping company like a guy who’s trying to return a used bag of mulch.”

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