Nitro Kid revealed at PC Gaming Showcase

Nitro Kid revealed at PC Gaming Showcase

Revealed at today’s PC Gaming Show, Nitro Kid is a fast-paced, roguelike deck builder. You play as an agent trying to rescue kidnapped children from a tyrannical organization.

You start out with a fighter named L33, a martial artist that specializes in close-quarters combat. Deck building starts with the choice of 3 deck styles — aggressive, balanced, and defensive. From there, you modify your deck by defeating levels in the procedurally generated dungeons.

Roguelike deck builders are popular for a reason. Designed to be playable in bite-sized chunks, Nitro Kid delivers a satisfying card experience. Every game has different choices to make, extending replay exponentially.

Adding another layer to the game’s complexity, battles play out over a grid-based environment. Not only do you have to manage your deck, but you also have to worry about your player’s position. Certain cards can damage enemies in a chain or pass through them, so you must pay attention to your surroundings.

With a cool style and snappy, addictive gameplay, Nitro Kid is a pretty good time. Developed by Wildboy Studios and published by TinyBuild, the game is due out in Q4 of 2022. Luckily, roguelike fans don’t have to wait too long to try this one out. Check out the demo today!

The game debuted at the PC Gaming Show on Sunday.

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