How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

This weekend I have … a half-hour, and I like sketch.

‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’

When to watch: Friday at 11 p.m., on HBO.

Season 3 of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” debuts this weekend, and it’s as silly and richly imagined as ever. The premiere includes fun cameos, a potential love interest for the recurring character Dr. Hadassah Olayinka Ali-Youngman and a riff on “Hidden Figures” (featuring Ashley Nicole Black, above, a main cast member). A lot of contemporary sketch is synonymous with shaggy slap-dashedness, but “A Black Lady Sketch Show” has a lusher and more realized aesthetic, which makes its segments dreamy and robust. If you liked “Baroness von Sketch Show,” try this.

… a half-hour, and I’m looking toward the future.

‘Would I Lie To You?’

When to watch: Saturday at 8:30 p.m., on the CW.

Prime-time Saturday nights on network TV are largely an abandoned wasteland of reruns and newsmagazine shows, which is our first sign that “Would I Lie To You?,” hosted by Aasif Mandvi (right), has … oh, let’s say room to grow. The series is based on my favorite British panel show, in which teams of comedians read out outrageous facts about themselves and the opposing team has to figure out if the claim is true or false — think zhuzhed-up “two truths and a lie.” In the three episodes made available for review, this adaptation does not capture the original’s energy or playfulness. But I believe in its potential and in the general viability of adapting more panel shows, and I thus will continue to watch with hope in my heart.

… a few hours, and baseball is back.

‘Captain Ahab: The Story of Dave Stieb’

When to watch: Now, on YouTube.

The latest documentary series from Secret Base, which brought us such treasures as “A History of the Seattle Mariners” and “The Bob Emergency,” traces the career of Dave Stieb (right), who pitched mostly for the Toronto Blue Jays in the 1980s and ’90s. But this is not a standard, staid hagiography — it’s a whimsical and discursive look at statistics, passion, fandom, culture in general and baseball culture in particular. “Ahab” blends analytical integrity and data visualization with goofball humor and an overall sense of pleasure. Three episodes are available now, and a fourth is nigh.

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