‘Fridays for Future’ activists protest climate change around the globe

‘Fridays for Future’ activists protest climate change around the globe

Thousands of people took to the streets across German cities for climate change protests under the umbrella of the    Fridays for Future movement. 

One of the biggest rallies took place in Berlin, where more than 36,000 people demanded action on climate crisis.

“We are striking all over the world because the governments in charge are still doing too little for climate justice,” said Darya Sotoodeh, a spokesperson for the campaign’s chapter in Germany.

“People all over the world are suffering from this crisis and its going to get worse if we don’t act on time,” Sotoodeh said. 

Organizers said up to 280,000 people in more than 270 cities and towns across Germany participated in demonstrations on Friday. 

What have climate protesters demanded?

Climate protesters in Germany are calling for action on stopping global warming, including for the German government to establish a Є100-billion fund to expand renewable energy use. 

Campaigners have also said financial and climate debts for poorer countries should be canceled.

“Climate protection and social balance are not either/or, but only possible together,” the climate movement campaign says.

The protests also take place six weeks before the start of the UN climate summit, COP27, in Egypt’s Scharm El-Scheich. 

Climate protests worldwide

Around 5,000 young people took to the streets in Italian capital city, Rome, on Friday. People held up placards reading “The climate is changing. Why aren’t we?”

Around 200 people protested in South Korean capital city, Seoul, and around 400 people protested in the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa. 

Similar demonstrations were also held in some 450 locations worldwide, as world leaders gathered together in New York for the United Nations General Assembly to discuss a wide range of issues.

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