Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced She’s Headlining The 2023 Super Bowl

Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced She’s Headlining The 2023 Super Bowl

Considering how much of a global icon Taylor Swift is, it’s hard to believe she’s yet to headline a Super Bowl halftime show (especially with her extensive discography that spans nearly two decades). However, fans are convinced that could all change soon based on the NFL’s latest announcement, which has them wondering if it could possibly hint Swift is the next Super Bowl halftime performer. So, what are the chances of her headlining the show? Let’s break it down.

First, you should know Swifties think the reason Swift hasn’t performed at the Super Bowl yet is because of her relationship with Coca-Cola. The “All Too Well” singer has done multiple collaborations with the brand over the years, so because the Super Bowl halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi, it made sense why Swift may have not been able to work with Coca-Cola’s rival company all this time.

Here’s where things get interesting: On May 24, Pepsi announced it would be stepping down as the sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime show. “After 10 years of iconic Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show performances, we have decided it’s time to pass the mic,” the company said in a statement. “Thank you to the amazing artists and fans who helped us create some incredible moments along the way.  Now on to the next stage…”

Their announcement had Swifties thinking the star could finally perform on the iconic stage, and they only became even more convinced when Apple Music revealed at midnight on Sept. 23 that it had become the event’s new sponsor. “See you in February. #SBLVII,” the company tweeted alongside a video teasing the next halftime show.

If you’ve been anywhere on social media these past few weeks, you’d know Swift announced at this year’s VMAs her next album is called Midnights. While the timing of Apple Music’s post could have just been a coincidence, Swifties are crossing their fingers their tweet could actually be a hint toward Swift being the next Super Bowl halftime show performer.

Midnights is set to drop on Friday, Oct. 21. How awesome would it be if Swift celebrated the release of her album by confirming the Super Bowl theory? Swifties, be prepared, because anything could happen.

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