Is HBO Max’s ‘Tokyo Vice’ Based on a True Story?

Is HBO Max’s ‘Tokyo Vice’ Based on a True Story?

HBO Max’s Tokyo Vice is the latest addition to the crime-thriller genre that’s been taking over streaming lately. The limited series stars West Side Story star Ansel Elgort as an American journalist who finds himself in a foreign country looking for answers. The show has everything you want out of a crime drama: the exciting backdrop of Tokyo, life-threatening incidents, director Michael Mann, and more noir than a black and white cookie.

But with all the thrilling crime stories being released, there’s always one question that remains on everyone’s mind: was Tokyo Vice based on true story?

What is Tokyo Vice about?

Created by J.T. Rogers, Tokyo Vice follows the story of American crime reporter Jake Adelstein (Elgort), an American expat from Missouri who relocates to Japan in the ’90s in hopes of becoming the first foreign crime reporter at the country’s leading publication. Adelstein’s interest in investigative journalism stems from accompanying his coroner father to work, and he is somehow able to land a job at Meicho Shinbun, a Japanese newspaper with a circulation of 12 million copies a day. The show follows Adelstein as a rookie reporter teaming alongside seasoned vice detective Hiroto Katagiri (Ken Watanabe) as they explore the nitty-gritty of Japan’s underworld.

Is Tokyo Vice based on a true story?

Yes! Tokyo Vice is inspired by the real life experiences of Jake Adelstein, who was the first non-Japanese staff writer to work at one of Japan’s most prominent newspapers, the Yomiuri Shinbun. Adelstein first moved to Japan at the age of 19, where he studied Japanese literature at Sophia University.

The series heavily dramatizes and fictionalizes the events from Adelstein’s 2009 memoir Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan. The book was originally supposed to be adapted into a feature film starring Daniel Radcliffe, but was later transformed into a crime-drama series with Elgort as the lead, which Adelstein also serves as an executive producer on.

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